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Our Impact & Model

Our goal at Moms for Moms is to deliver Postpartum Recovery Kits and Newborn Baby Bundles that have a true impact on the lives of the moms we serve.


Our moms deserve quality care, which is why each bundle is valued at $200*. 

We don’t play the numbers game. We don’t cut corners. We don’t give sample sizes.

We provide quality, but often inaccessible, essentials to meet the urgent needs of the healing mom and new baby, so that they can spend the first few months of motherhood on what matters most, time with their newborn. 


Moms for Moms’ Programs fills a GAP left in current Federal and State Public Assistance Programs.


*$200 is the value of the supplies provided to each mom. Thanks to partners and wholesale pricing. Moms for Moms is able to purchase all materials at an average rate of $100-$125 per bundle and $50-$75 per kit.

Delivery Through Direct Service and Partnerships: Moms for Moms partners with local organizations (crisis centers, homeless and/or domestic violence shelters, etc.) serving women and moms in a variety of critical ways. Through a strategic partnership model, we provide these local organizations with the Newborn Baby Bundles and Postpartum Recovery Kits to support the single mothers in their care during an incredibly vulnerable time.


Covenant House's mission is to serve the suffering children of the street. I continue to be in awe of the resilience of the moms who come through our doors with their little ones in tow seeking a better life for their family. Our ability to help those moms are actualized when folks in the community like Moms for Moms partner with us to provide items that they need for themselves and their children that normally would be out of their means. We are humbled by and appreciate Moms for Moms for joining our village. Thank you!"

— Partner Agency

Since 2014, Moms for Moms has provided single mothers in NYC with over $750,000 worth of goods, including.


diapers and wipes


infant onesies, pajamas, pants, jackets, socks and hats 


postpartum recovery pads



hygiene & self-care items, including body wash, lotion, lip balm, and snacks



newborn essentials: feeding supplies, blankets, safety kits, baby wash and lotion


postpartum recovery items including ice packs, lanolin cream, and peri bottles


Thank you soooo much!! We appreciate you and your organization very much. "Even through the roughest part of our lives, there's hope, and you gave that to us. Thank you!" :) 

E+O Moms for Moms recipient

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