"Covenant House's mission is to serve the suffering children of the street. I continue to be in awe of the resilience of the moms who come through our doors with their little ones in tow seeking a better life for their family. Our ability to help those moms are actualized when folks in the community like Moms for Moms partner with us to provide items that they need for themselves and their children that normally would be out of their means. We are humbled by and appreciate Moms for Moms for joining our village. Thank you!"

~ Renata, Senior Director of Youth Shelter

Moms for Moms has provided single mothers in NYC with over $350,000 worth of critical essentials in our Postpartum Recovery Kits and Newborn Baby Bundles.

Since 2014, Moms for Moms has provided single mothers with:


diapers and wipes


infant onesies, pajamas, pants, jackets, socks and hats 


feminine care products


women's basic hygiene & self-care items


newborn essentials: blankets, safety kits, baby wash, lotion & more


Postpartum recovery items: breast pads, nipple cream, sitz bath and peri bottles

Receiving a Baby Bundle took a huge weight off my shoulders financially. I was so fortunate to be a part of their program. I can't thank the moms to moms sponsors enough for helping my family!"

~ Ms. Walker, Moms for Moms recipient

I don't know how to express my gratitude and appreciation to Moms for Moms, but you have restored my faith in human kindness.

~ Ms. Loyd, Moms for Moms recipient

Sanctuary is so grateful to Moms for Moms NYC for providing postpartum bags for our clients. Having a baby is, for many, a time of great joy and celebration with family and friends. However, survivors of gender-based violence can often be isolated and not receiving the love and support they need and deserve. During this huge time of transition, receiving the postpartum bags from Mom for Moms is a beautiful surprise! Not only have they thought of the necessary supplies needed during childbirth and immediately thereafter, they have also included items that make a new mom feel cared for and thought of during an otherwise overwhelming time. The love that is packed into each and every bag lasts far longer than the contents. It is a beautiful reminder that there are other women – perfect strangers – who care. This is an amazing gift in and of itself.”



Director of Corporate and Volunteer Relations Sanctuary for Families
(Moms for Moms Community Partner)