About Moms for Moms, NYC

When women support each other, incredible things happen

Founded in the Spring of 2014 by Danielle Krupa and a group of like-minded mothers, Moms for Moms started simply as a pay-it-forward initiative for single mothers in need. While we have evolved in many ways since then, our original approach remains the same. We are mothers supporting mothers. We are a community of women providing care and support to other women.

What We Do: 

Moms for Moms supports single mothers living in poverty by providing diapers, wipes, infant clothing, baby bottles, blankets, feminine care products, self-care items and more through our distribution of postpartum recovery and newborn care packages to our partner agencies. For the past 6 years, Moms for Moms has served thousands of single mothers across New York City. Knowing that in the first few months of your child’s life you won’t have to choose between buying diapers, feminine care products or feeding yourself, a new mother can focus on the other important aspects of her life, including work, school, and above all, creating a loving and secure attachment to her newborn baby.

We are so appreciative of the partnership between Moms for Moms and Win and look forward to continuing to work together. We are grateful for the baby bundles filled with baby essentials from Moms for Moms. These bundles bring comfort to new moms and provide care for these precious little ones. In addition to including necessities, these care packages contain hope and good wishes for our moms in shelter reminding them that someone cares. Additionally, your gift not only relieves a source of financial stress, but allows our clients and their families to focus on the joy a new baby can bring to a family. Thank you for your continued support of our Win moms and their families.



Volunteer Services Coordinator Win (Moms for Moms Community Partner)